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Colour Management

Barbieri Electronic is an internationally operating manufacturer and supplier of intelligent colour measurement systems which ensure the highest image quality for professional digital printing.
Barbieri devices have special features developed for the large format, flatbed and industrial printing markets, including automatic measurements of transparent media, large measuring aperture and process control.

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Barbieri Spectrophotometers

Barbieri Spectro LFP
RT and TEX
Barbieri Spectro LFP
The Spectro LFP Series 3 is the most versatile transmission/reflection spectrophotometer ever.

It is specifically designed for automatic measurement of most varieties of materials in large format, flatbed and industrial printing.
- Aperture diameter; 2, 6, 8mm
- For transparent & reflective media
- Up to 20mm thick media (RT)

Download a spec sheet
download barbieri-spectro-LFP-spec-sheet
Barbieri Spectro Swing
Barbieri Spectro Swing

Thanks to its ability to measure transparent materials and most flexible media, the Spectro Swing is a unique measurement ideal for production environments and tailored to the needs of all aqueous, solvent and UV roll-to-roll printers.- Aperture diameter 2mm
- For transparent & reflective media
- Flexible media up to 1mm thick
- Easy to use, 'no button' operation

Download a spec sheet
Barbieri SpectroPad

The portable professional spectrophotometer to measure most types of reflective media used in professional digital printing (including large and wide format).

Independent from the computer, it can be used directly on the printer. Its integrated touch screen facilitates interaction with the device and gives immediate feedback of the results.
- Aperture diameter 6mm
- For transparent & reflective media
- Wireless / battery operated
- Touch screen operation

Download a spec sheet
Barbieri DOC (Digital Output Control)

Barbieri DOC
Do you know if your printing conditions have changed? Do you know if you can produce the same colours again?

DOC software compares the actual print with a preset reference and gives immediate feedback if colour values are within tolerance.
- Checks stability of printing process
- Preset templates for wide range of media
- Easy to use

Download a spec sheet
Barbieri Accessories We also supply a range of accessories such as Sample Holders, Carrying Cases, UV-Cut Filters, Polarization Filters.

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